CBRK Coffelt's Black Rock Kennel Business Policies & Procedures
CBRK business policies and procedures Public Notice

Policies & Procedures pageCBRK POLICIES:
The Up Front Standards & Practices of All Business With CBRK

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1. TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: This page (CBRK POLICIES) transparently sets the limits of all customer/client business relationships with Coffelt's Black Rock Kennel (CBRK) for both dog/puppy sales and CBRK REAL WORLD DOG TRAINING.

Should you have questions or require clarifications please contact us by email (andrew.coffelt@coffeltbrk.com).

2. SELLER IDENTITY: The lawfully responsible party of all CBRK business is Andrew Coffelt, a citizen of the United States and resident of the state of Virginia - unconnected to any other family members, associates or associations, affiliations, business entities or other pursuits managed by Andrew Coffelt.

3. ENFORCEABILITY: These CBRK POLICIES are posted online and made available to the public. Just as we all have a responsibility to read the label on any in-store product we purchase we all also have a responsibility to know and understand the fundamental business policies of any party we willingly enter into business with. By doing business with CBRK you AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPT these CBRK POLICIES as the full extent of your business agreement with CBRK. Your signature or affirmative statement is not required. WE DO NOT USE CONTRACTS. No verbal or written communication with CBRK shall be interpreted as an exception, addition or change to these published CBRK POLICIES. YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED.

4. SEVERABILITY: Should any court of law find any portion of these CBRK POLICIES not enforceable all other portions shall remain in full effect.

5. PROHIBITED ACTIVITY NOTICE: ALL LABORATORY ANIMAL USE IS ILLEGAL. If you are a scientific laboratory seeking dogs for ANY FORM of research, or a freelance, contract, part-time or full-time representative or supplier of the same, contacting CBRK regarding purchase of a "pet" constitutes FRAUD, and exposes you/your client to heavy liability.


a.) All CBRK dogs are registered animals, with controlled bloodlines, having been bred for the purpose of human companionship, and/or working, service or therapy dogs.

b.) No laboratory has permission to obtain any animal CBRK owns, or has control of.

6. LIMITED LIABILITY: CBRK ACCEPTS NO LIABILITY. Dogs bite. ANY/ALL DOGS can bite inappropriately regardless of socialization, training, breed or bloodline. Dogs urinate on things, chew things, dig holes and perform all manner of mischief on occasion, regardless of their socialization, training, breed or bloodline. YOU ARE THE PARTY LAWFULLY AND EXCLUSIVELY RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTROLLING YOUR DOG AT ALL TIMES. YOU ARE THE PARTY EXCLUSIVELY LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOUR DOG PERFORMS. CBRK provides quality dogs and training of dogs, but a dog is not a machine, it is an animal. Animals make imperfect behavioral decisions and YOU are the party soley responsible for any/all resultant damage of any behavior performed by any dog you own.

7. WARRANTY & FITNESS OF USE: NO WARRANTY HAS BEEN EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. The quality of CBRK's dogs and training services are far above industry standard. CBRK provides professional dog training services and quality dogs. HOWEVER, a dog is a living thing and any living thing may have unknown flaws. CBRK is not responsible for that just as a farmer is not responsible if one tomato is more sweet or more sour than another tomato. CBRK dogs and training for dogs are "as-is" products/services. Any party* selling or training animals that suggests differently about their own animals or training services is misleading you.

* Understand, you are not "getting less" with CBRK because we reject all warranty claims. You are simply being told the truth that most other breeders/trainers do not tell you. When you see the words "warranty" or "guarantee" regarding anything to do with a living animal courts have found that to be unenforceable; i.e., it's a marketing gimick.

8. REFUND POLICY: BUYER BEWARE. NO REFUND IS PROMISED. The money we receive for an animal covers the expense we have already incurred in caring for that animal. The money we receive for professional training services covers a block of our scheduled time. All deposits are non-refundable. All payments for dogs are non-refundable. All payments for dog training are non-refundable. Obviously if you have paid in advance for a training session which CBRK must then cancel, a full refund will be provided. Obviously if you make deposit on a dog which CBRK can then not deliver for some reason, a full refund will be provided. However, when CBRK chooses to refund money it is exclusively by our own descretion and is limited to the dollar amount spent.

9. AT WILL BUSINESS: We reserve the right to not do business with you. We want our dogs in solid, responsible, forever homes. If we have concerns that you may not provide this we will not provide you a dog. We want every instance of our dog training services to be successful. If we do not believe this is possible for your dog (or for you as the owner/handler of the dog), we will not provide or may discontinue dog training services.

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