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The Coffelt FamilyHello! We are Coffelt's Black Rock Kennel (CBRK), a/k/a the Coffelt family. My name is Andrew Coffelt. This is my wife Jess and our four kids. I would like to take a few moments to tell you who we are, where we are going, and what led us here.

First of all, when it comes to our study of working dogs, we benefit greatly from the guidance, insights and often the profound wisdom of others. Among our ever growing list of mentors are top experts in the Schutzhund IPO and non-IPO Personal Protection dog fields, award winning breeders, world reknown breed developers, full-time obedience, guard and Personal Protection dog trainers, and last but certainly far from least, my own brothers in arms: America's Military and Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) K-9 handlers - the best in the world.

As I look back and consider how many people have and continue to invest their time into our vision of working American Bulldogs and Bandogges - family companion/protection dogs, I am humbled and deeply greatful. To all of those who have encouraged, advised and supported us along the way, thank you. You can be assured that your efforts to lead and instruct us have not been wasted and your words have not fallen on deaf ears. We value your counsel.

Andrew Coffelt studying dogs CBRK FOCUS: Continuous Training...
For Us, Our Clients & Our Clients' Dogs

With this guidance we have fully immersed ourselves in books and scholarly articles, close observation and sometimes friendly debate. We actively study such topics as dog welfare and genetics, scientific dog breeding protocols, the best practices of animal husbandry and the scientific and philosophical basis of various dog training methods in use today, and in the past. We have spent six years in study to build a solid, professional base of knowledge.

At the same time we have been actively training dogs now since 2010. I learned by leading men on the battlefield that knowledge with limited experience contributes basically nothing to solving real world problems. To be truly proficient at something - do it. As such CBRK trains continuously.

Surely in part this is because we know our clients really need our help. It is rare that professional competition trainers make themselves available to the general public, and valuable. However, this works for us too. By dealing with many different types of client dog behavioral issues, we are kept sharp as we prepare our own dogs for their Advanced Obedience and IPO Trials. Therefore CBRK is pleased to offer select clients our one-on-one, results oriented dog training services.

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CBRK VALUES: In Life, In Family & In Business:
In Order To Be the Best... We Need To Do Our Best


As a family we are determined to do our very best at anything we commit ourselves to. I try hard to be the best husband and father I know how to be. Jess tries hard to be the best wife and mother she knows how to be. Our kids are also learning to do their best at anything they do. Together as Christians we try daily to live lives that glorify God. These are the Coffelt family's values. We do our best to live by them.


When it comes to dogs and what we deliver to the public we are similarly commited. Apart from providing elite family guard dogs, we also insist on providing only the highest level of one-on-one professional training services available to our clients. We pride ourselves not just on knowing what we're talking about, but on actual real world success.

However, the CBRK story all really began a lot longer than six years ago...

I have been around dogs my entire life and I first began working with dogs when I was in high school. Growing up I can’t remember a time in which our family did not have dogs. They have just always been part of my life, part of my family.

Andrew Coffelt A Real World Introduction to Working Dogs
Military Search & Bomb K-9 Teams & Police Dogs

Joining the Army, I served in the 82nd Airborne Division for seven years with two combat tours to Afghanistan. The U.S. Search & Bomb K-9 teams deployed there are infamous. The K-9 teams searched vehicles for ordinance keeping our war fighters safe. Their skill level and the bond shared between handlers and their dogs fascinated me. I knew I had to do similar advanced work with dogs upon returning home.

I served in a Pathfinder Company on my second tour. Our primary mission was Personnel Recovery. The K-9 teams were well known for their heroics, fearlessly charging into massive Air Assault missions. Their skill and efficiency saved countless lives. My resolve to work with dogs in this capacity became even stronger.

After being stop lossed (kept longer than my initial six year contract required) I received an Honorable Discharge from my military service. I entered the Police Academy and became a police officer, serving in that capacity for two years. I was then offered a position at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Accepting that advancement opportunity I continue to serve there to this day, also running CBRK REAL WORLD DOG TRAINING and providing quality American Bulldogs and Bandogges to the public through Coffelt's Black Rock Kennel.

While serving as a police officer I was able to see working dogs from a whole new perspective. Although military K-9s and LEO K-9s have many similarities they have very distinct differences. Every chance I got to see the dogs work, I took it. I absolutely love what they can do. They serve a very important, high stress function and they are incredibly skilled and effective. However, it is also true that many military and police dogs are not calm or friendly enough to be left unobserved with small children. Here in the real world (my living room), I need dogs that are.

Working American Bulldog DaisyBest of Both Worlds: My First Working American Bulldog Daisy
EXTREME Guard & Working Drives & Total Family Safety & Stability

I had found my first ever American Bulldog during that last deployment to Afghanistan. She was ready for pick up about four months after I returned home.

American Bulldog in down position Daisy was a smaller, Standard type American Bulldog. She was amazing and this is coming from someone who has seen some of the most incredible working dogs the world has to offer: Highly trained US Military and Police dogs.

Daisy was a sweet, gentle dog, full of love and with perfect temperament. There was never any period of winning her trust, her respect, establishing dominance, showing the dog who's boss. Nothing like that. She formed deep bonds with us almost immediately. Daisy just knew at an instinctual level where she fit in within our family dynamic and what baseline behaviors were expected of her as our dog.

That bond which I had observed in Afghanistan between Search and Bomb K-9 teams was something established between them in difficult, high stress training followed by deployment to the battlefield. Handlers have to work for relationships like that with their dogs. With Daisy I had a very similar bond, every bit as deep and fully trusting, but that was just the way she was with us naturally, pretty much from day one.

American Bulldog following watch me commandApart from her having nearly perfect structure as you can see for yourself, Daisy had this intense drive during play and as a natural born family guardian. She was capable of the kind of full throttle drive you see in military dogs having had serious training. However, with all that drive Daisy was still a well balanced, self-controlled and friendly dog. She was also easy to train and always totally focused on wanting to please me. She was a lot of fun to work with and really was just a perfect family dog. I can't tell you how much I loved that girl. Daisy was truly fantastic.

CBRK's dog training as a family activity began at that time with our girl Daisy and still continues to this day. I do the primary training with my wife Jess doing reinforcement training. My four children are also involved in many aspects of training - our hope being that they too will one day be highly skilled professional dog trainers.

Learn about CBRK REAL WORLD DOG TRAINING right here!!!
American Bulldog and Bandogge running through woodsCBRK VISION: Breed Development
Of American Bulldogs & Bandogges

Today Daisy is gone but not forgotten. Now we have a big American Bulldog boy named Camo and a soon to be even bigger exotic Bandogge girl named Sophie. You can read more about our Camo and his pretty Sophie girl at their respective pages.

CBRK's goal is to develop elite working American Bulldogs and Bandogges, breeding dogs that excel in the IPO circle and can be used in the military and law enforcement community. This is not an easy task as the current industry only has eyes for the GSD and Mals. Here at Coffelt’s Black Rock Kennel we are committed to developing a multidiscipline dog that can serve in the work force as elite working dogs, come home at the end of the day to snuggle, and not respond poorly when accidentally hit in the head with a toy metal truck by your crazy four year old. Our dogs are proving that already and we only expect things to get better. If you desire to work your Coffelt’s Black Rock Kennel Dog you will not be disappointed.

Questions? Just ask. We are 100% transparent. We have nothing to hide and you can expect thorough and professional interactions.

Having a problem with your dog? CBRK Real World Dog Training Services can help! Serving Washington, DC and the northern Virginia area we come to you! Just send us an email or give us a call 540.905.3155 and describe your problem or tell us what you need.

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