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Working IPO Schutzhund Personal Protection trained American Bulldog guard dogCBRK DOG: COFFELT'S CAMOUFLAGED WARRIOR
A Companion/Guardian Personal Protection American Bulldog

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female Bandogge puppy SophieMeet Camo. He is an exceptional dog, from his classic brindle pied American Bulldog color, his broad and heavily muscled head, thick bone and muscle throughout his body, to his truly excellent family guard dog temperament. Camo is a Johnson or Bully type, purebred, multi-registered (NKC, ABKC, UKC and IDCR) American Bulldog who demonstrates everything good the breed offers. While Camo is about 26 inches tall at the shoulders and over 110 pounds, he remains very fast, athletic and long-winded - a true working American Bulldog who can get the job done quick!

American Bulldog with childOut of all the many dogs that have lived with me throughout the years, Camo is hands down my favorite. Camo has the ON/OFF switch that American Bulldogs are known for naturally, a thing that professional trainers of many other Personal Protection dogs invest many long hours trying to develop in their dogs - not always with success. When we work it really is just like flipping a switch in which Camo instantly changes into a very tenacious, lightning fast beast who doesn't back down from anything... until recalled, and then he literally stops in his tracks and instantly defaults into a totally calm state of relaxation, awaiting his next command.

Young adult male American BulldogUnderstand, there's never been a time in which this was not the situation with Camo throughout his entire life. It's not something we have "worked on" in training for hours on end. This is the natural ON/OFF switch that both American Bulldogs and well bred Bandogges have been known for - part of what has traditionally made them the pinnacle of working dogs for centuries. It is the most important distinction between the prey driven breeds commonly used in police work and the pack driven American Bulldogs and Bandogges. You can read more about that here: Dog Prey Drive .vs Protection Drive, Two Different Types of Personal Protection Dog.

Young adult male American BulldogWe just love watching Camo come alive. Yet at the same time, our Camo is a flawlessly trustworthy dog, never a single instance of inappropriate, ill tempered or "edgy" aggression. Camo is like a big piece of Silly-Putty in our kid's hands allowing them to do whatever they want to him. If our kids wanted to ride bicycles back and forth over their Camo in the driveway this is a dog who would gladly lay there just wagging his tail happily and let them do it - though obviously we wouldn't! Of all the breeds I have dealt with no dog is so good with children in my experience as American Bulldogs.

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female Bandogge puppy SophieTo the left, visiting family with their dog and a young Camo sleeping among the group, totally calm and peaceful. Also to the right is our little Bandogge puppy Sophie on the couch, a sweet, lovable girl, yet already a natural protection dog. Even at this young age and with no formal training, both dogs saw our kids as the "pack" they live to protect and both dogs were calm and confident - not a bit of fearful or paranoid aggression typical of many other protection breeds.

As all well-bred American Bulldogs are actually supposed to be (and what they are specifically bred to be when knowledgeable breeders are doing what they're supposed to be doing, breeding "true-to-the-breed"), Camo starts out generally aloof towards strangers at the first meet and greet. He's not aggressive, frightening or threatening towards strangers. He's a well socialized gentleman's dog who gladly meets and greets strangers at home or in public. He's just not a happy-wiggly-idiot dog towards the unknown, showing a blind trust in every strange human he meets. Spend a few minutes getting to know Camo and you'll find he accepts approved strangers very easily and he likes the attention of being pet and praised by strangers.

Young adult male American BulldogCamo isn't just tolerant of the other dogs in our home, he clearly loves them. When Sophie was just a puppy Camo was like her chew toy and he remains so even now that she's a big, tough girl bigger than he is. They can spend hours in rough and tumble play fighting - so rough it can even appear almost alarming sometimes. However, not one time has Camo ever hurt Sophie, not even accidentally when she was little. He was sweet and gentle with her, very careful of his superior size and strength. Now in turn Sophie is also careful not to harm Camo.

Young adult male American BulldogThe same holds true for Camo with Mavis and our Mavis is a dominant female, well able to stand up to big male dogs. Many breeders must keep their dogs apart to avoid injuries from fighting. That's just not the case with our CBRK dogs. Camo, Sophie, Mavis - all of them are just fine with one another, even for hours at a time unobserved on the yard. They are all confident enough to be calm, friendly enough to just not want any trouble - sociable enough to truly enjoy one another's company and they're pretty good with strange dogs too. That's sort of a big deal when discussing naturally dominant, protection bred dogs.

Young adult male American BulldogCamo is also just my best buddy since he was a puppy. I can do anything with this dog and what he may not always enjoy he still gladly tolerates. Baths, checking his ears and teeth, picking him up, carrying him, rolling him over on his back, playfully tugging at his tail and facial skin, giving attention to minor boo-boos and the like - all of that is just a form of attention to Camo and this dog loves attention! I have no doubt that the vet could give him surgery without anesthesia if I was just there petting him and telling him to sit still.

Young adult male American BulldogIt's worth mentioning that if you don't want a dog to be a true companion, always nearby, involved in your life moment-by-moment than the American Bulldog is probably not the breed for you. American Bulldogs want to interact with you. They want to be near, be involved, ever present. They are not the kind of dog you get to ignore. They are very proactive in their human relationships - using their noses to flip your hand off the mouse in order to be pet, always wanting to snuggle, always laying across doorways and whatnot to get the most attention possible. They really are some emotionally co-dependant dogs just not happy if they're apart from their humans for long periods or being ignored.

This is what you can expect from Coffelt's Black Rock Kennel: Dogs with good temperament, mental and emotional stability, natural fearlessness making our dogs calm, confident, consistent, and safe as long as you socialize and train reasonably, as with any dog. The CBRK focus is family companion protection dogs - like my boy Camo.


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