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Working IPO Schutzhund Personal Protection trained American Bulldog guard dogCBRK DOG: BLASCO'S SOPHIE EMXTAF1: An Exotic Bandogge Female
1/2 English Mastiff x 1/2 Turkman Alabai - Two Ancient Bloodlines United

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Female Bandogge SophieTo the left our little Sophie as a puppy. We purchased Sophie from our friend and fellow American Bulldog and Bandogge breeder Daniel Blasco over at Blasco Family Bulldogs©. Sophie is 1/2 English Mastiff and 1/2 Turkmen Alabai. She is a simply gorgeous, exotic and truly a very rare female Bandogge.

When Sophie wants something she walks in front of me, looks at me in the eyes, and then looks at what she wants. Have you ever had an untrained puppy look at you and then the door when she wants to be let outside? I sure haven't and I've seen some very smart dogs. I didn't train Sophie to do this at all, she just does it. Her father taught himself to open doors, so I'm told. I don't doubt it. Sophie has a level of intelligence and understanding of things, people, expectations and the world around her that until I owned her I would have told you were not possible for a dog - certainly not without significant training. This dog is just remarkably smart, at a level that few dog owners will ever experience with their dogs - regardless of the breed or the training investment.

Correct Old World Bandogge Temperament
A Perfect Dichotomy: A Gentle & Friendly Family Guard Dog

Similar to an American Bulldog with regards to her temperament, Sophie is a natural protection dog, protective of her family, territorial and always on guard whether at home or out in public. When she's in the house her nose and ears are always tuned in to what's going on outside. A deep chested bark and snarl says loud and clear, Sophie means business. This Bandogge girl is so instinctively protective that when she was younger she assumed everyone was a threat and made sure they knew what she felt about them.

No worries though. We worked with Sophie for just one week on this issue and it stopped. We socialized her. We took her around a ton of strangers. We had people come to our house and yard. We corrected her when she behaved outside the parameters of our desire. In just a few days she started learning that most people are good and loving and she became accepting of them.

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Bandogges with children...Also similar to our American Bulldogs, our Sophie's natural Bandogge charm is just irresistible. She is unbelievably sweet, gentle and loving towards her people, especially our children. I mean there has simply never been a time that inappropriate aggression with family members has been any concern at all. We have four children ranging from four to nine years of age. Sophie is perfect with all of them. My four year old once lost his balance and stepped on her. Sophie's response was to go check on him to make sure he was ok.

Bandogges with children...Sophie is also much more than simply "stable" or "safe" in public. She is a friendly and outgoing dog, very happy to meet and be pet by strangers - again with a special careful gentleness towards children. This is vitally important for any Personal Protection dog an owner or handler intends to actually have in public with them. An unfriendly Personal Protection dog is a serious public safety risk and a major management problem if you take the dog anywhere. Personal Protection dogs need to be friendly if you're going to have them with you - and obviously your Personal Protection dog needs to be with you in public places if the dog is actually going to protect you. Imagine loading your kids and groceries in the car, while simultaneously struggling to keep an overtly aggressive 100+ pound dog from yanking your arm out of socket as it surges forward trying to "protect you" from everyone else walking through the parking lot. That's the exact situation we see with many people's theoretically very well trained family guard dogs and the result...? The dog is left home and cannot be used in public. Personal Protection dogs need to be friendly...

Bandogges with children...Sophie is very friendly. Local leash laws require that dogs in public be kept on leashes, but that's the only reason you see Sophie leashed in these pics. She is a perfectly lovely, well disciplined and friendly natural guard dog.

However, what does that term mean, "natural" guard dog...? What it means is that while many dogs can be trained to guard things and people, some dogs have these tendencies at a natural, instinctual level... entirely untrained.

For example, when I am getting something out of the back seat of my car, Sophie just instinctively puts her back to mine and calmly watches everyone. She's not comfortable if I have my back to the world so she takes it upon herself to guard my back for me. Obviously CBRK provides professional dog training, but I never taught Sophie this. She just does it.

Bandogges with children...If I am facing in a direction and people suddenly move behind me Sophie will turn and face them in order to guard me. She doesn't growl or bark if people get too close. There's no big, unnecessary threat display. She just watches closely - a continuously unthreatened and unthreatening state of readiness. Sophie is always on guard, always "on the job," always watching. If you have a dog you want trained this way, give CBRK a call, but the fact is that I did not train Sophie for these behaviors. These are the instinctual, the completely natural behaviors of natural guard dogs...

As a professional dog trainer I can also tell you with some authority, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and most other breeds of dogs commonly used as guard dogs are just not like this. They do not just naturally guard your back, naturally watch people, always remaining in a calm and confident state of alert - not without significant training - and then depending on the particualr dog and its drives, it still might not be so effective. Let's talk a bit about the reason for that...

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German Shepherd attacks child... Left please forgive the quality of the pic. It comes originally from a family's home security camera, their highly trained German Shepherd, purchased as a puppy, raised its entire life around children, attacking their own child in his own back yard.

German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and in fact most breeds of guard or police type dogs go through extensive and intense training to make them fear and distrust strangers and then transfer their self-protection response to the handler through further training. These breeds do not actually tend to be very protective of their people without that training. However, when it's been done they tend to be sharply protective. Then even more training is generally required to rein in that conditioned fear response and prey drive to make the protection trained German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Doberman, Rottweilers and most other Personal Protection type breeds safe around people in normal situations. Obviously this is not the ideal with a family companion protection dog. It's a big deal that natural protection dogs like most Bandogges and American Bulldogs have a natural inclination towards legitimate protection of their human families, but also a natural inclination towards family bonding and friendly, socially acceptable behavior with calm self-control. It's a dichotomy that most other dogs must undergo a great deal of training to achieve - not always with success.

German Shepherd attacks child... Sophie demonstrates those more sophisticated behaviors you want in a mature, well trained Personal Protection dog, but she's been doing it since she was a puppy with basically no training at all, just good socialization and obedience. Surely we'll train her more formally as an adult, but it will be a simpler, more holistic, natural process just reinforcing Sophie's own natural tendencies - the natural dichotomy of drives seen in natural guardian breeds: The Mastiffs, Bandogges and American Bulldogs - all being descendants of the ancient Alaunt.

That dichotomy is what these breeds have been specifically bred for over thousands of years. You can read more about it in CBRK's What is a Bandogge or Bandog article.

True Working Dog Structure, Vitality & Fitness
Where Sophie Comes From & What Makes Her So Special...

Sophie is also very good structurally and while she is very calm, laid back and has excellent self-control, Sophie has an energy level that competes with any Jack Russell Terrier; she simply does not wear out. These are unusual characteristics in larger breeds of dogs.

Bandogge Structure Good structure is an issue of importance for any dog, but only rarely seen in the larger breeds, especially in the taller, longer-legged dogs like Sophie. When I first saw this exotic Bandogge girl move I thought to myself, she is majestic, poetry in motion as the saying goes. Our Sophie glides fast, free and unencumbered over mixed woodland terrain like oil on glass.

True working dog structure and athleticism really is an amazing characteristic to see in such a tall dog. Most Great Danes, the Irish Wolfhounds and other very tall breeds of dog by comparison are very clumsy, at least throughout the first year or so of development. They almost never have good structural qualities and high athleticism. Sophie is roughly the size and has basically the same growth pattern of the average Great Dane, but she was never clumsy. This dog runs and leaps like a deer, pivots and spins on her own axis as well as any American Bulldog and Sophie is far from lazy.

Sophie has a level of vitality and fitness you basically just never see in really large dogs. Being one of the F1 hybrids produced by Blasco Family Bulldogs Sophie has a lot of meaningful advantages in life. Dan Blasco began with two dogs of unusually good structure and health...

Turkman Alabai male...Left is Sophie's father The Mighty Kahn, Dan's purebred Turkman Alabai. In this shot Kahn is only nine months old, 30 inches tall to the shoulders, 120 pounds. As an adult Kahn is now a full 33 inches tall and over 140 pounds of smooth running, high energy dog.

Kahn comes from one of the few European Grand Champion and ancient working Alabai bloodlines actually imported from Eastern Europe. The Turkman Alabai (as opposed to other Alabai dogs) is the most ancient Alabai sub-type. Kahn's Eikmen bloodline is the most ancient and revered within that sub-type, recognized as being the genetic founder breed of all the other sub-types. Further still, it's not just a distant blood relationship Kahn has to those ancient dogs. Kahn is the real deal, a Turkman Alabai only one generation removed from actual 24/7/365 guard duty over mountain herds from Eurasian wolves. Kahn is not a distant "descendant" of the ancient Eikmen Turkman Alabai, 20 generations bred, raised and domesticated in eastern European cities. Kahn's direct progentors and cousins live on mountain tops guarding sheep and goats from wolves in Turkmenistan. If you are familiar at all with the ancient and primitive eastern European founder breeds of dogs, you know you are quite literally looking at some of the most prestigeous dog royalty on earth here.

Kahn has nearly perfect structure and is a long running, high jumping, remarkably intelligent animal. You should also know that unlike our western world breeds, the Turkman Alabai is known for no genetic diseases whatsoever - none, no dysplasia, cancers, heart murmors, syndromes or sicknesses - none, nada, one of the healthiest breeds of dog on the planet earth and Kahn himself is the pinnacle ambassador of this incredibly rare ancient Eurasian Mastiff breed.

The Mighty Kahn also happens to be one of the Blasco family's primary personal, home and property protection dogs... and Kahn has never been trained for that.

English Mastiff female...Sophie's mother is Dan's purebred English Mastiff girl Helen of Troy de Picazo. The guy searched for this dog for more than five years and you can see why he finally chose her. Helen is what Mastiffs were many hundreds of years ago - long before WWI and WWII nearly wiped them out, long before dog registries even existed, back when they were home and property guardians and heavy hound hunters of large game.

Helen has incredible structure. Look at how she stands erect in this pic, legs, hips and shoulders making a perfectly straight line from head to heals. See our little Sophie off to the left, still only a couple months old...? Hold onto that thought and now try to find the extra fat, the baby weight on Helen. It's not there. Helen has no extra fat, has excellent, tight musculature and not 90 days after carrying, birthing and still actively whelping a litter of giant hybrid puppies. Helen is about 33 inches tall at the shoulders and 150 pounds. That's one big, strong dog...

Notable also is that very few English Mastiffs actually "run" at all. They are more known for sort of trotting along at a brisk pace for a few minutes if really excited (which they rarely are) and then taking long naps. Helen runs for hours every day, often running full speed across acres of Rocky Mountain woodland and she's a highly proactive, always alert guard dog who is friendly with strangers... also entirely untrained.

English Mastiff female...Expectation

We expect Sophie to finish out at 31-33 inches to the shoulders in height and exceed 120 pounds. It is also abundantly clear this Bandogge girl will never need sacrifice what can only be termed as "small dog agility" for her greater than average size. There are not many people born in the last few centuries who have ever seen a large dog move as fast and gracefully as Sophie does. Sophie's olfactory is also excellent. This girl can find anything and finds immediately almost every time. She will in no way be held back by an inability to scent. Sophie hasn't begun her defense work yet, but she'll certainly do very well. I expect puppies from Sophie x Camo to easily achieve IPO titles and Sophie may as well.


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